How To Involve Grooms In The Wedding Planning

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Let’s face it. The grooms always seem to be disinterested in the wedding planning. They view the marriage ceremony as a boring reception with so many details and formalities with no fun at all. Well, we can’t blame them since brides always take centre stage at the event. Their views are made a priority than the grooms’. However, it is vital for the groom to feel equally involved in the process so here are some of the things you could do.

  • Talk to him
    It’s a common mistake done by people to put the complete responsibility of the wedding on the bride and leave the groom aside, making him feel he isn’t important. Well, that isn’t the case. Of course the limelight is on the bride but that doesn’t mean that the groom has no part to play. It is essential for him to feel wanted and hence you need to talk to him and tell him that you intend to plan the marriage ceremony together.
  • Take account of his ideas
    It would be pathetic to tell him you want his participation and then reject all his ideas. You might want to listen to him and make use of a few ideas at least so that he feels his opinions matter. If he isn’t contributing, the least you could do is asking him for his opinions before deciding on anything. Take him along to the Sydney diamond jewellers, for cake tasting, card selection, décor selection etc. Talk to him and decide a theme that he likes too. For example, he might not like the idea of a fairytale themed marriage ceremony as he views it as childish or too girly. A sea theme could be a more plausible option.
  • Give his projects that he is interested in
    You could give him tasks that he might like taking-up. For example, let him choose the first-class mens wedding rings and maybe he could choose a better ring for you too. A man’s taste is not as bad as you think as he might have a unique eye in such things. If he is good in graphic designing, get your invitations designed by him. If he is good with words, let him write your wedding vows. Whatever he is good at, let him do so.
  • Include something special for him at the wedding
    As said before, grooms view weddings as boring formal events that they just want to get over with. To avoid boring him at the marriage ceremony, include something exciting for him. You could maybe plan your wedding at a train station as the groom loves trains. If he is a good singer, let him take the stage at the reception.