How To Organise A Free Giveaway

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When you launch a new product, the marketing should not be limited to pay-per-click ads. A dynamic marketing plan will involve physical events in addition to online promotional efforts. One of the best known combinations of these two aspects of marketing is the free giveaway event. Giving sample products away for free is a great tactics to generate reviews and testimonials for your product. Customer reviews not only boost your reputation as a company, they also improve your search engine rankings as well. So, if you have not already done so, it’s time for your company to organize a giveaway. Here are several tips for doing that in style:

Choose a Public Venue

There’s no point in renting a private venue for a free giveaway. Majority of the crowd you attract will be spectators. So, organize your giveaway boldly at a public venue where your event will surely grab attention. However, be respectful. Do not blast music annoyingly loud, or do not damage the surroundings with your setting or decorations. These will ruin the good mood of the free giveaway.

Brand Everything

At the event, everything, from pens to printed paper bags Australia, should be branded with your company logo. So, when the attended of home, they can use a pen from your even and be reminded where it came from. Branding in bulk does not cost massive sums of money, either.

Offer Food and Beverages

To further incentivise people to attend, offer free food and beverages. It will be irresistible for the general public to attend. When you offer food, make sure it is hygienic. Instead of ordering catering and fresh food, where the chances are high for contamination, offer sealed food like candy bars straight from the factory. The area you serve food and beverages should be extremely clean. 

Present Samples Nicely

When you present samples of your products, offer them nicely in lovely promotional paper bags. Display samples elegantly in an artsy manner. If possible, present these samples to attendees in person to make them appreciate the even more. Also, know what exactly is in each sample.

Be Ready for the Reviews

The ultimate goal of your giveaway is getting as many reviews as you can in return. Now, customers will say yes right away to a review not, but they will probably forget it once they get home. So, if you want prompt opinions, have computers and cameras ready to tape attendees and their reactions without judging them.

The above are only a few tips for how to organize a free giveaway, but they are highly effective.