Issues Of Apartment Life

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With the heavy globalization process and the urbanization that we are going through, the cities are becoming ever denser and the prospect of owning a house on land while still remaining within the city limits is almost deemed impossible. For cities such as Singapore, owning of land means you are a millionaire. The land is so exuberantly expensive that housing for an average middle income person is in a high rise. The apartment systems are also moving from mid-rise and medium density to high-rise high density housing in most parts of the world, simply because of the problem of lack of land within the cities and not having any more space to expand into. Thus, the future urban generation will be an ‘apartment generation’ not knowing the joys of having a garden to play in or pull the mud out of.  

Apartments mean no gardens. While some designers are trying to implement the design of sky gardens in their designs, these are very expensive solutions to the developer and in most cases, are scrapped off. This also means that most of these places do not offer pet friendly accommodation and for a child to adopt a pet other than a fish or hermit crab is almost impossible. The average person’s apartment is not only too small and without the additional space of the traditional garden, the animal would not have the required space foe exercise or be allowed to venture out at all for fear of jumping off the building. Thus, the younger generations are going to be deprived of raising a pet and the learning associated with being responsible and loving someone other than yourself from a young age.

Apartment life also means lesser privacy and almost communal living. Everyone has been confined to the little space available that unless you purchase a luxury high end apartment, your bedroom is bound to be facing your neighbor’s kitchen. This has both its ups and downs. This reduces the level of privacy enjoyed by a person significantly, however acts as the traditional half wall over which your neighbor kept a close eye out, usually for gossip purposes, but also comes as a security bonus where someone is always watching out for you. This type of housing and common garden spaces help improve social interactions where otherwise would have been completely lost against the hub bub of the busy lifestyles of its occupants. The common spaces facilitate as a place for communal gathering and give you a glimpse of what a traditional garden space would feel like.