Making Buildings Easily Accessible For Everyone

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Whether you are responsible for the management of a public building or you run a business, you want to ensure that all people who work there and those who visit have convenient, quick and safe access. For this, you may require extra facilities in addition to the ones that already exist. Discover a type of facility which will bring all of the benefits described above to the people who use the building.
 Assisting Disabled People  Many old buildings are not designed considering the normal access of people with disabilities. That is why the owner has to add facilities that will help such individuals get in and out without special help. For this, specially designed aluminium access platforms can be used. They can have the classic ramp design or be more advanced. It is possible for a platform to be attached to a motor-operated moving mechanism. In general, this solution allows for great flexibility. Aluminium is a light metal which is easily shaped and welded for creating structures of various designs and with a large number of components. A very high level of complexity can be reached. The platform surface is made to create better traction with the wheels of the wheelchair. The rails on the sides are designed to be sufficiently high to allow for safety and convenience.
    Temporary Access  If there are renovation or repair works going on and the stairs leading to an entrance or a section of the building cannot be used, disabled grab rails can be set up. In this way, the normal access will be maintained and people will be able to go about their business as usual. This is certainly an effective solution which is simple and affordable as well. Usually, the platforms have step ladders and rails which are quite easy for people to use in addition to being perfectly safe.
 Important Decisions  When selecting a platform, you have to make a number of choices. Make sure that you focus on the following factors.  •    Size – You would want both the platform and the steps leading to it to be wide enough. At the same time, you have to ensure that the unit will fit into the available space without affecting the surrounding structures.  •    Design – Whether you require a ramp or a platform with steps, you have to decide carefully on its steepness and on the size and design of the grab rails Australia.  •    Extras – It is possible for one or more gates to be added to the platform for controlling the access or for achieving greater safety. You can also consider extensions to the unit as well.  Work with experienced specialists to get exactly what you want.