The First Education Of A Child

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Kinder garden is the first stage of a child’s educational life. This is also known as a pre-school or a Montessori. Since the day a child is born to the world, the parents biggest hope is to have the child grow up as a healthy and worth person to the society. All parents wish their kids to have a good education where manners and ethics are thought. The minimum age requirement for a child to enter into a kinder garden is the age of five, and the maximum age limit for a child to enter into kinder garden is the age of seven. However, kids above the age of seven are then sent to schools where their main or serious education is started. However, it is an important duty for both the parents and the teachers to ensure that the very first stage of kid’s education life is a pleasant one. Kids are very sensitive. They need to be handled with love and care. The child needs to be ensured that it is safe to be in the pre-school with their teacher and consider it as a home away from home.  Thereby, let’s look at few methods as to how to make a pre-school a pleasant place for kids.

Bribe the kids.The first day is the worst day. This is the first day that a child is exposed to the new environment of a pre-school.  Though some kids might be positive and calm about it, there are few others who might completely cause a disaster by screaming and throwing a riot refusing to leave their homes and comfort zones with their parents and to attend a class. This is when the teacher should be very tricky. Talking gently to the child and bribing the kid with sweets like lollies and candies are a very smart trick. Letting the mother stay with the child till he or she is settled down is also wise.

Throw parties/concerts occasionally.Children’s mind tends to divert quickly. And having to gain their concentration is the most difficult thing to do. They might get fed up of studying and learning in a class continuously will bore them and that is why parties and concerts need to be organised.  The party should consist of those things that kids like the most. For example, you may order a bunch of candies and sweets from wholesale lollies Gold Coast thereby saving money, decorate the whole place with balloons and lights, organize children games and prepare to distribute gifts for all participants. Whereas if it is a concert the kids can be dressed as their favourite super hero’s or cartoon characters and participate in events. These little things will make sure that the first education of a child away from home begins with a happy and pleasant start.